Top 5 Reasons to Join SOLE YOGA HOLIDAYS in Santorini, Greece

Oh, Santorini!
How we dream of you. You are the blue and white gem of the magnificent Aegean Sea.
We are so thrilled to return next summer, June 9-15, 2019 for one of our favorite lux holidays.
We have a gorgeous villa complete with pool, jacuzzi, kitchen, living room, sun beds and more.
It is nestled away from the summer crowds, but still only 5 minutes away from the hustle and bustle to explore the shops, restaurants and famous sunsets.
(This is SOLE YOGA HOLIDAYS special formula!)

Reason 5: Location, Location, Location!

We understand that travel to Greece in the summer may seem daunting and crazy! But, we found the perfect solution in our gorgeous location.
Our villa is in a private complex, just a mere 5-minute drive from the main town of Thira.
We can explore the shops, restaurants and windy paths of the busy town as much or as little as we wish.
And we always know we will be back at our quiet oasis for yoga and undisturbed sleep and relaxation!
We get all of the benefits of the summer: glorious sunsets, heavenly, summer foods, warm beaches and fresh ocean breezes.
But, nestled far away from the tourists!

Reason 4: Yoga al Fresco!

We love switching up the regular yoga routine on our retreats. Forget about the gym or typical studio.
We take our yoga outdoors.
Time to let go, enjoy, embrace nature and the sounds of birds while we practice.
Our yoga vacations are a time to step out of our comfort zones and enjoy yoga in an entirely new and beautiful way!

Reason 3: Swim in the Sea!

One of our favorite excursions is on our catamaran. Santorini’s gorgeous coastline is best seen from the crystal blue water.
Our private cruise takes us to beaches and landmarks that can only be reached by boat, with time to soak in the island’s famous volcanic hot springs.
Plus, we have a fresh, heavenly lunch (and cocktails) on board!
Time to jump in and make a splash!

Reason 2: That Famous Santorini Sunset!

Santorini is renowned for its sunsets and it certainly lives up to its reputation.
Every evening, golds and oranges mingle with pinks and reds for an unbelievable show.
And to make it even more magical, we will go one late afternoon to view this marvel while we indulge in crisp, local wines and heavenly snacks at a famous winery.
These views alone are worth the entire trip!

Reason 1: Because Every View is Breathtaking

Sure, Sole Yoga Holidays has seen a lot over the years and has traveled to some truly magnificent locations.
But, there is something so magical and incredible about the island of Santorini.
The way the bright white and cobalt blue merge.
The way the cobblestone streets wind around and end up at a stunning view of the sea.
The way the colored churches shine brightly in the sun.
No photos can ever do it justice.
And the best part is that we will have time to explore so much of the island from the beaches to the famous town of Oia.
We can't wait to show you the Santorini that we love!

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