Our Vinyasa Flow classes combine dynamic postures combined with strong breathing that exposes the student to a powerful flow for all levels. Perfect for building extraordinary strength, the practice focuses on core work, balancing and moving gently with breath. The practice, while different each time is comprised of the following: an opening warm up, dynamic standing series, balancing, core work, seated postures, finishing series and svasana. Some classes are accompanied by a dynamic playlist. At times when outside in nature, we let the whisper of the wind and the song of the birds act as our music.

On each holiday, we practice twice per day, building up the postures with each lesson for an incredible and invigorating experience. After the 3rd day, we practice a restorative yoga to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of blocks, straps or other items makes it easier for our yogis to maintain balance while stimulating and relaxing your entire body.

All of our instructors are continually learning, whether traveling to a workshop or through classes with experienced practitioners to ensure there will be something new and exciting to share with their students!

View some of our fun and playful videos.